Remove Jira Cloud chat message from teams group

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I added the Jira Cloud app to our Teams group...


And now I cant remove the chat massage from Jira Cloud...

"Hi, I’m here to help you manage your Jira issues. To begin with, please type 'connect' to connect to your Jira."


I have uninstalled the Jira app from Teams.. But the message from the Jira bot is still there.. And I cannot find any way to remove this message..

I guess one solution would be to delete the group.. And set it up again.. But that would not be the best solution for me...


Thanks for help!!



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Looking for the solution too.

Looking for solution too. 


On the left corner in the menu bar
click the 3dots( ... ) then find the jira and uninstall it

@whatsername Thanks. this removes the app for you as a user. But we suffer by the spam in Team.  Actually we solve it. Under Team use three dots ... next the name of a Team where you get messages in General channel (but not the dots next the General itself) > Manage Team > Apps > trash it!


Happy Teaming to everyone. But, you know if I can choose, I would rather be in some FOSS solution.

Year 2024 - still the same spam - though i uninstalled JIRA cloud still spamming the teams chat its so annoying