Remove graphic from channel's "Posts" page

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I created a channel, and on the Posts page there is a giant graphic and the words "Let's get the conversation started" under it.  I'd  like to get rid of that graphic.




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That's a built-in image which serves as a placeholder until content is added, afaik there is no way to remove it. You can however use Templates to prepopulate some of the settings, add apps and so on:

@Vasil MichevThanks.  I've added a conversation to the page, and pinned it.  I would like it to appear at the "top", but it's under that graphic.  I would like that graphic to go away.

Did you ever figure this out? Absolutely RIDICULOUS that it's not removable.
What content are you talking about?


Agreed.  We need to add a custom image that is relevant to our channel.  Hoping for a solution.