Remove Attendee Reports from a Team Meeting

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We recently got the update to Teams that now adds the Attendance Report to a meeting chat after the meeting ends. This is something most of our users wanted because they kept forgetting to download the report before ending their meetings. However, I am now getting requests from people who would like to turn that feature off or delete it from the meeting. Does anyone know of a way that can be done for just one specific meeting or user? We don't want to turn it off for everyone. Is there a manual way to remove the list? 

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Hi, there's a meeting policy option that controls if the Attendance report is enabled or disabled for the organizer. It's called "AllowEngagementReport". Your IT admin can create a custom policy with the value disabled and assigned it to the users not wanting to use the report feature.
Thank you for the quick response. I was hoping for a more end user response, but at least now I know I wasn't just missing the feature within the interface. Will talk to my Teams Admins about this. Thanks again!
That is disappointing to read. As a user the feature of showing the icon in the meeting chat is incredibly annoying, but what a palaver to have to go to admin and ask for that to be changed. Another disappointing Teams development.
I fully agree. Generally I think Teams does a good job of only showing me stuff I want. I never asked for this, it's unwanted clutter; certainly nice to have, but as an opt-in.
This feature is so invasive. In a public channel, it allows any staff to look at who attended the meeting and who did not. The report may also be deceiving if the report does not include those who attended. I downloaded an attendance report of a 1on1 training session I just had with a staff and it only showed that I, the organizer, attended. The report also creates unnecessary information in a public space that users do not have time to read and scroll through to find valuable information. There should be an option to delete these reports in the top right corner of the report and a setting to disable these reports all together in settings.
Why oh why is is an Admin feature? An organiser might want attendance reports for some meetings and not others. It should be down to the organiser to manage this feature on a meeting by meeting basis not an 'all or nothing' admin approach.
This needs to be available to the user. It's annoying, and this is something that for small meetings is completely unnecessary and feels truly invasive.