Removal of Unnecessary User Accounts/Emails from Teams

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Hello, I come to this great community to ask a pretty specific question. Our MS tenant holds 4 domains and some of our members hold email addresses at different domains. For the most part, all have an email address at one specific company which we will call for this example. As best as we can, we try to assign our business standard licensing for our core 7 people at this domain. From there, some people have additional mailboxes at let's say and we have a IT Support mailbox being support@ for all domains under our tenant. The problem is that teams is recognizing all IT Support mailboxes as a user and it shows multiple addresses for the users that have multiple addresses. This is all very understandable as to why it's happening - I haven't done anything to prevent this from happening. I don't see some kind of administrative option in either Teams or 0365 Admin Center to turn off a specific user accounts access to Teams. Does anyone have any options that may work for me? I appreciate you taking the time to read into my issue - thanks.

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Remove the Teams license for those accounts?
You seem to be using separate user accounts/mailboxes for those addresses, which isn't necessary as long as all the domains are within the same tenant. You can easily add multiple email addresses to the same mailbox, including ones from different domains, so you should probably re-evaluate whether you need those separate accounts.