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Are there any plans to incorporate reminder functionality in teams similar to the functionality available in Slack?

I've had a number of users ask about the ability to set reminders on channel conversations or individual chat messages.



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There are a bot ( might be more than one ) that can help out with this in teams! You can create reminders! Can’t remember the name of it but someone else here might :) you can also utilize flow here for this depending on your demands
Bot's for reminders are not really real world usable in Teams right now for this purpose. Until / if there is a private "Only you can see this message" stream like Slack has, those type of bots are nothing but an annoyance in Teams.

Instead of bots thou, a quick action in the .... on a message to initiate a flow, or another type of extensible integration would be best if you can't have that hidden to you message for bots.

@Chris Webb I don't agree. What about if you have reminders you want a bot to give to your *entire* team? That's what I'm currently looking for. We're using teams in our Accounting department (or at least trying to). I'd love to see a reminder bot that could prompt actions the entire team needs to do, especially since my team is not really tech-friendly.


A bot that reminds them on Friday to look over the last convo to clients about open invoices, for example. Getting them to remember to use the app is pretty much a strain. We're trying to modernize our office but with people use to pen and paper a little nudge is needed. A bot could potentially do that!

I very much agree @Chris Webb. I'm used to use Slack as a light task management system, and without having private reminders, it is of no use. Is this still not possible?

They just announced the tasks app at ignite coming late this year or early next that should finally be able to do some message management. Keep an eye on that or watch sessions around it. Pretty sure we’ll get some messaging actions to create todo’s off messages.

Lots of requests for this capability ... I wish Microsoft was paying attention.


Editorial Note: This feature has existed for years in Slack and also in Reddit ... Adding this as a "T-Bot" command might make that bot a little more useful/relevant ... But the official "under review" response is almost 2 years old, so it doesn't seem like the developers are going to make this a priority anytime soon.


If you want Microsoft to implement this feature, please vote for it at "User Voice" (multiple links below): 


@Tom Morgan created an official Teams App called "RememberThis", which proved that this could be done (as of Dec 2019 the app is still v1.0.0, so it is rather limited, but it works):


If you have Azure and a high-end Microsoft developer at your company, you might check out this GitHub project as a starting point for a custom solution (the source code is MIT license):


Just came across a bot named as "RemindMyself".

Thank you, I will check it out!
Unless that bot was fully redesigned it doesn’t work well because you have to call it in the team and everyone else sees the reminder request and response in chat.

@Ryan Soucy 

Remind Bot

@Ryan Soucy I have created a Teams bot that allows for setting reminders on chat messages or channel conversations. Similar to Slack it also allows creating recurring reminders by typing them out. You can check it out here: If you have any questions please email me at Thank you!


@FelaOni Thanks for the shoutout!


I have used this bot but it's limited to 2 public reminders...that's basically useless compared to Slack (free)

which allows at least 15 reoccurring reminders probably more. 


We really need Microsoft to just integrate it into Teams so no need to download teams apps to do the same functionality.

@adam deltinger and 


Hello everyone. I'm delighted to tell you that there is now a fully functioning reminder app for Microsoft Teams! Kippa—Fast and easy reminders for Teams © is able to do all that this discussion suggests a reminder app should do. Kippa understands the Teams' distinction of private messages in Chat and public messages in channels and thus, Kippa can:

Remind people about personal things in their Chat Tab so that no-one else sees these private reminders.

Remind team members and channels using @mentions.

Remind members in Private Channels.


You can set complex, repeating reminders with between ranges and stop dates, too!

Kippa understands Timezones and Daylight Savings Time switches and fires your reminders at the right time regardless of where you or your team members may be.


You can download a Free 2-week Trial from AppSource now from here:



Never forget anything important again and keep your team rolling along like clockwork.