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Hello Community,


We are starting a monthly webinar series using Teams and from what I have come across documentation (and in development via M365 Roadmap) wise it appears that attendees do NOT receive an email notification reminder prior to the events start date. In fact it appears that the only tool with slightly native capability to automate comms is the Dynamics 365 Marketing (SKU) integration to enable lead nurturing. Is my understanding correct? Any suggestions on a potential work around (ie Power Automate)?

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Hello, as soon as the attendees has filled in the registration form (usually a couple of weeks before the event) they will get a confirmation email with all info and join link too. That will also end up in Teams as a scheduled meeting.

@ChristianJBergstrom and will that reminder (set as a teams meeting) follow the default notification schedule that the user (attendee) set on their calendar client (Outlook, Google Cal, etc) or does it have a special cycle with a standard template? I ask because our organization is based in California and needs to be compliant with the state's SPAM act as well as US federal guidelines

Can’t say really, didn’t look that close on the webinar object in my calendar. Can test it later. You should of course do your own testing too.
Thanks - just scheduled a test webinar and going through mock registration through various calendar clients. Has been and interesting experience but the resulting pptx i'm putting together for customers should be beneficial. Perhaps it's me but would be nice if there was better documentation produced, specifically a dedicated YouTube channel for Teams.
Appreciate the follow up
Just checked and the previous test webinar I had in my calendar had the default reminder setting (my Outlook 15-min default setting).
Hello all - I am running into a similar question setting up Webinars and wondering if there has been an update since this thread left off (Sept 2021). I do not currently see an option for the Organizer of a Webinar to set reminder settings within the webinar itself. The way I understand, the attendee would have to update their reminder settings individually on their webinar calendar event once it posts to their outlook calendar, but no way for the organizer to do that for all attendees. Any help is much appreciated!

we also have this questions as the whole webinar feature in general is working fine for us BUT the attendees invite does NOT contain a reminder like the host and the presenters have. So that means that some of the people are missing the webinars as they are simply not notified that the webinar is about to start,
I created an entry in the Feed back portal of MS so feel free to upvote