remember window size

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when you close windows-teams-desktop app and reopen it, it will be the same window size as you left

just like all the o365suit and system windows. and some of these settings could be found in registry


but looks like turns out it's designed with modern login

the local settings in %appdata%/microsoft/teams/storage.json " --"isMaximized" will be overwrite by WindowManagerService when quit teams

this should auto works unless forbid WAM(maybe other problem I didn't find yet)

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Hi, what you are describing (if I have understood correctly) is the expected behaviour for Teams.

Are you asking if you can change this behaviour?
yes, you are right. and I totally agree with this logic
I write it here because maybe someone wants to know it or discuss it.
because I had search the internet but I think the answers it's not good enough

and the related discuss in uservoice already transport to which the comments missed(sad)