Relocating TEAMs to make the most recent post at the top of the list of TEAMs

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I am currently looking for a solution or help to create a solution in order to make TEAMs more viable with my company.

I work for a Technology Integrator and we have many different worksites, I have been looking for a solution that will help me see the most recent conversations at the top of my list of teams. It gets very tiresome searching through hundreds of conversations to find some sort of daily update.

I would not be opposed to programming the solution in 'Power Automate,' however, I am struggling to find the option to move teams in any manner automatically. (Drag and Drop) seems to be the only solution, but with an ever expansive and growing list that is tedious.

There could be a settlement on just putting the teams in any sort of organized order automatically.

Thank you.

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There is an open feedback for this functionality here:


Add an option to have the most recent conversations/replies on top. · Community (

Would recommend voting up on it and get others to do so to push it up the agenda. 

Apart from this you could look to explore Azure Communication Services is you are considering packaging within your own app.


Chat concepts in Azure Communication Services - An Azure Communication Services concept document | M...


You may also want to look at the Microsoft Build 2022 session on Collaboration Controls which will allow you to surface elements of Teams, such as Chat in a Power App. Like ACS, you may have scope here to reorder the chat


Hope that helps get you started in the right direction. Personally, I would like to see this native in all Teams apps as a modern chat experience would let you see the latest chats or conversations at the top or the bottom depending on your preference


Best, Chris