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Hi All.  Is there a list of regions where Microsoft Phone system is not available.  I have a request to set up PSTN connectivity to Teams in Eastern Africa,  when looking into connectivity options the region doesn't appear in Microsoft's list for me to check what voice services are available so even if I had direct routing set up would this work for a user based in that region...  I feel I am overthinking it 

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@B_Rooke Hi ;)


If you are referring to Country/region availability - Audio Conferencing, Calling Plans - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Learn then I think the list is intended to be countries where Audio Conferencing or calling plans are available. There is also this list for countries where M365 licenses are available Microsoft 365 and Office 365 International Availability


Ultimately I would engage a licensing partner to help with the legal contracts that would be involved in purchasing a license, particularly if it's somewhere which isn't widely recognized.