Refresh Card not working?

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I have a dotnet core web api that receives an action from an incoming web hook.  It is an HTTP Post action on the web api that does some work and I want to reply to the message card using the refresh card.

public async Task<ActionResult> Post()

// do work here, validate, etc.. perform action

Response.ContentType = "application/json; charset=utf-8";
Response.Headers.Add("CARD-ACTION-STATUS", "Plan is being created.");
Response.Headers.Add("CARD-UPDATE-IN-BODY", "true");
return Ok();


When I do this on the controller action, the Teams message card from the incoming web hook reads:


Failed to send

Plan is being created.


So I can tell Teams is getting the refresh data to update the card body but its not doing it and I cannot seem to figure out why.

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Fixed this by posting a JSON card back with the refresh card headers.

Could you let me know which headers you had to add. I am facing a similar issue
From your post I understand that there is an incoming webhook to YOUR application. What was your Microsoft Teams connector? Was that an incoming webhook to Teams?