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we activated Teams due to the Corona situation and face a problem here. 


We normally use GSuite as our primary tools for Mailing, Calendar and more. Now we want to schedule meetings via Microsoft Teams, which works fine so far, but we don't want invitations to be sent to the Microsoft E-Mail Account, but rather to Gmail. 


We use the following pattern for both our GSuite and Microsoft: 
"". If we invite someone from our company to a meeting, they receive an E-mail in their Microsoft Inbox, but even if we create redirect rules, they don't get the invitation redirected to their GMail. Is there a way to solve this? 


Thank you!


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Hi @Kevin_Daniel 


I can only suggest a workaround for your query which could be a basic workaround which I can think of. 


1. Schedule the Teams Meeting from the Teams Application

2. Now once the meeting is scheduled you can create a regular Gmail Invite and paste the Teams Invite details and sent it via Gmail.


Third Party Integration from Providers


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What we've been doing is to schedule a meeting in Teams.

then go to outlook calendar forward the appointment to the mailing lists.

@Kevin_Daniel Schedule Teams meeting from Google calendar:

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