Redirect call queue to another call queue

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Is there a way to redirect a call queue to another call queue after a timeout.

E.g. we have a support call queue, and if none replies after a while it should redirect the call to the reception call queue.

Is this possible?


Thank you in advance

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Does nobody have an idea on this? Can't be i am the only one with this requirement. Or can this be solved somehow different?


@YooLaurin Yes, that is possible. In Call time out handeling configure "Redirect this call to" and set it to "Voice app" and search for the other queue that you want to failover to.


Thank you. That helps. It is not exactly what i was looking for, i'd like to let another call queue ring *as well* so simuntaneously to the existing after some time (if noone pickups the phone). But i can do it by just setting a low timeout and redirect to another call queue that contains all the users.

@YooLaurin Create two Call Queues (Call Queue 1 and Call Queue 2) and two agent groups (Agent Group 1 and Agent Group 2). 


In Call Queue 1 set Agent Group 1 as call agents and set calls to be routed to Call Queue 2 after x minutes.


In Call Queue 2 set Agent Group 1 and Agent Group 2 as agents, agents in both groups will get calls for Call Queue 2.


Top, ty that works.
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