Red and yellow distortion on incoming videos when a team member is sharing their screen.

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Before sharing a screen, all incoming video appears totally normal. Once a member starts sharing the screen, most of the incoming videos on the side panel become covered by a colored distortion. The image below was taken with my phone, because when I screen captured or screen recorded the distortion would not appear on the image or video afterwards, only live in Teams.


My Teams is fully up to date according to the application and I am running on Windows 10. Only one of my other team members have experienced this but to a much lesser severity than me!



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@BrayMcG not seen that before, my guess would be a graphics driver issue maybe? Checked for updates?

I am having the same issue and it just started this week. It only happens when someone shares their screen with more than maybe 5 or so participants.

@BrayMcG I am having the same issue now on this, happening with a brand new high end Dell XPS with graphic drivers fully up to date.


Did you find a resolution for this?