Recurring Meeting Conference ID Expired

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In June 2020 I created a monthly recurring meeting. The Conference ID was fine in July. In August people heard "I'm sorry, I can't find a meeting with that number." Everything I have read about Recurring Meetings at, indicates the expiration is 60 days and each time the meeting is started or updated the expiration extends by this much time.


I have searched to see how to regenerate a Conference ID with no luck. I thought if I could get a new ID  I could send a meeting update and just give people the new ID. As it stands now, each month I have to cancel the meeting and send a new one.


What good is a recurring meeting if the Conference ID expires?



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@Pat_L829 Hi, I don't know why you experienced this issue but to answer your question about the conference id you can reach out to the admin.


You can scroll at the page to see all FAQ about Audio Conferencing.


Thank you for responding. I will ask the admin to reset the Conference ID for the meeting and keep my fingers crossed it doesn't expire again.



@Pat_L829 I am looking for the same information. We have a monthly reoccurring meeting which falls within the expiration policy. Generally no one joins the audio conference piece (dialing in) but when they tried the conference id was expired. Does anyone know does someone need to dial in every month to keep the audio conference id active because it seems joining the reoccurring meeting through the link and updating the invite is not keeping the id active as indicated in the meeting expiration policy. Any guidance would be appreciated. 


I've not been able to resolve the issue and have resorted to canceling the recurring meeting and making individual meetings. This is very inconvenient. I've contacted the IT department and they didn't know as much as I did about the expiration rules.

Hi, have your IT raise a support ticket with Microsoft. If you do, please update the conversation with a solution when the case is closed.