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Hi everyone,


we are just starting to develope our company community in teams. We would like to provide new members with a help section. At the moment we started using a wiki tab but we are not satisfied with the results.


Is there a built in possibility to recreate a help section like the MS Teams own one? I attached a picture for reference.


2019-04-03 09_20_57-Window.png



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Well, yes you can create your own tab and fill it with your own content basically! You will need some developer skills and can get started here:

You could also create a FAQ bot , to help answering questions etc..

Start here:

There are plenty step by step guides to create one easily on the internet! And also already made helpbots for you can suscribe to in the teams store

Now, if you just want something out of the box you have the wiki which you are using today! Hopefully this will get better soon! You could have a onenote also and have different help sections in it with content as well!
You could also create a entire support channel in which you add tabs to different kind of support tools, like YouTube/stream content, docs, wiki etc...