Recover/Restore Deleted Sheets from Teams

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This morning Teams was down yet again across the globe. When it finally came up in our office I downloaded an excel workbook to make changes on my desktop, not linked to teams as it was not something I wanted everyone to see or would be a permanent change to the file. Upon deleting multiple sheets from my workbook a loading circle appeared in the top of the window indicating it was syncing back to teams even though the prompts stated it was being downloaded. No the sheets are missing from the document on my desktop and teams and neither will undo the changes. The work that was deleted was about a weeks worth and is due tomorrow morning. We utilize the free teams application with a team of 6. Is there anyway to restore or recover the file as it was at 9am est this morning prior to the systems going down and this unfortunately action happening? 

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Hi @StephanieBenze , as you discovered, Excel still connects back to the cloud so your changes are synced back there.


Can you not open the file in Excel, go to File ... Info ... Version History then restore to an earlier point?



@Steven Collierthank you, I was able to find this on my own after digging. 

how did you fix it Stephanie ,, would you please share ?! thank you

@Bader1979 This thread is 2 years old. I would suggest you start a new conversation in the appropriate community and someone will likely offer an up to date answer.

@Steven Collier i didn't pay attention to the date ,, your right, thank you sir