Recordings do not give users enough control

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Hi, it seems that recordings force all participants to take up a part of the screen. We need a way to dictate how recordings appear. For example:


3 people in the room. We only want the two who are recording to appear side by side. Right now the third person appears in a blank box.


Example 2:


3 people in the room. We want each participant to appear in three boxes with equal aspect ratios, leaving one box blank.


Example 3:


3 people in a room but whomever is speaking is completely full-screen.


We're very dependent on Teams recordings during these times and really hope we can get more control over how recordings appear pre-download.

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Hello @Zacheray   You can offer feature suggestions, app improvements and bug reports on our Uservoice feedback forum.   There appear to be a few related to recording controls already, but if you can't find one that addresses your specific issue to vote on, you can always create an item for others to vote on as well.

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Recording in Teams currently there is no control over it. If you really want to control the content of a recording for publishing out I would suggest making use of NDI. You can utilize NDI to take the feeds of the camera's you want and import them into OBS with the audio stream and then just click record on OBS and you will have a perfect rendition of the meeting how you want it.

I'll be doing a session during Teamsfest over OBS and will touch over this scenario if interested. But obviously it would be a good suggestion on uservoice if we could somewhat control what is recorded in the meeting but it's a pretty big thing to tackle, but for now OBS + NDI opens that up so you can record how you want.

@Chris Webb I'm interested in seeing that demonstration, thank you.


The issue is that it would help everyone in our company if anyone could set up a custom recording. That way I don't have to be there to live-produce at dozens of meetings. Instead I could direct them to a Help article on how to do it themselves within Teams, which everyone uses and is comfortable with. Obviously they won't be downloading OBJ and all that stuff.