Recording won’t stop, I cannot get the recording

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Hello! I cannot get my recording of a meeting in Microsoft Teams. I have started recorded a session that was 2,5 hours, but at the end, even if I have pressed the “Stop recording” button, the recording was never saved. If I look at the meeting chat from my phone it says “Recording in Progress” and there is no way for me to stop that.

(I have stopped the recording at the end of the meeting, but then Teams apparently started recording again by itself when the participants were leaving. - Not sure if this has any impact)

This recording is of high importance to my organization, is there a way to solve this issue?
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@CrisSmeu Hello, the recording will stop automatically after ~4 hours. Out of curiosity, was this a personal meeting or a channel meeting? How were the meeting roles configured? (all presenters can start and stop recordings). If this doesn't help I suggest you reach out to your Teams admin for assistance. They can search for the recording and/or create a support ticket with Microsoft from the Admin Center.


Record a meeting in Teams - Office Support (


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Hi Christian,


It was a meeting I have created where I have invited 150 guests. I was the one that was recording and also the one that stopped the recording (or so I thought). The problem is that on the Teams on my computer I cannot see the message of the video still recording ... it is just on my phone that it is displayed.


I have contacted our IT department and said they cannot recover videos from Teams. And I am not sure who is our Teams admin ... I will try to convince IT to do what you have suggested bellow! Thanks! 


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Hi, well by now the recording has definitely been stopped automatically. I suggest you look in the meeting chat to see if it has been processed or not.

The recording is processed and saved to SharePoint if it was a channel meeting or OneDrive if it was any other type of meeting.

The meeting recording shows up in the meeting chat or channel conversation (if you’re meeting in a channel).

If you're still on Stream as storage for the meeting recordings look in the chat and then Stream.
It is still not there. Neither in Teams or in Stream. I have made some tests and the test recordings are there. Just the main one .. magically vanished. I cannot understand why..