Recording saved to OneDrive, attendees getting 403 FORBIDDEN when trying to watch recording

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Good morning


Our tenant recently enabled the policy to save meeting recordings to OneDrive, instead of Stream. The effect has been that meeting attendees can no longer download the recorded video (good), but aren't able to access the content that should be shared from OneDrive (bad). Members of the meeting get a "403 FORBIDDEN" error screen when clicking on the recorded meeting video link in the meeting chat.


Reading I understand that the recording will go into the meeting organizer's OneDrive, and that all members should have Read access.


As my administrator account, I can confirm that the video is in the "Recordings" folder, and that it is marked as shared with "a lot of people" (including my own account).


What am I missing that other users can't watch the video?

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Hi @ThereseSolimeno 


That seems to reference issues accessing the recording through the mobile app, not through the web or the Teams client..  so not quite.

In order to help you, next time for the particular recording please report it and send feedback to Teams and ping me here or privately about that report. I think we could go and investigate with direct responsible teams why that is happening.