Recording Resolutions and Frame Rates in Teams Meetings

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Hello all, 


I was wondering if there are plans to allow 16:9 video recording from attendees regardless of the number of users on the call?

We have noticed that if only two attendees have their webcams active the recording defaults to 4:3 for each of attendees. If 3 attendees have their webcams active, one camera takes 50% and the other two share the 50% of the resolution of the whole 16:9 frame. The recordings are all portrait and cropped. 

With 4 attendees cameras active then the recording splits equally at 16:9 and webcams are correctly recorded in 16:9. 


We are recording a lot of internal meetings using Teams and it would be also very useful to allow some form of configuration for which webcams are pinned and recorded as priority. Possibly even some form of layout management specifically for recording purposes. 

Another question in relation to recording, are there any plans to upgrade the FPS recording rate in Teams meetings?

At the moment they are 7/8 FPS

Recordings in Teams live events are 30 FPS. 


Apologies if another post has been made to address this. I didn't find one on my search. 


Many thanks 

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You can’t change this today! Microsoft is improving the custom settings for video layout and also recordings etc

Regarding frame rate Microsoft will improve this over time! I know recording quality was lowered due to COVID-19 ( high loads ) I’m not sure this has been resolved!

There’s a few uservoice about both these asks so I’d recommend searching and upvote those here:

Hopefully higher quality recordings are coming soon as they look quite choppy at 8fps compared to the standard of minimum 25/30fps for video!

Here is the feature suggestion, only 1 up vote since Oct 2020 lol. User should be able to change the settings in the app, just like how it is/was with Skype and all other major platforms. Otherwise we need to use other tools e.g. zoom who use 25fps. ;)
It's been a year since this question was posted. No improvement, recordings are as choppy as they were before. Still ridiculous 7/8 fps. Saying that it's because of covid is lame as all other applications of that sort record with 25 fps.
Plus I don't understand why recordings must be stored in the cloud and not locally. It only clogs the bandwidth. Idiotic solution.
Totally agree. I tried to use Teams, but the low recording FPS and the lack of the local recording option were two of the main deal-breakers for me (the other being the complete impossibility to allow somebody other than myself to start my meetings without losing control of them to that person). It's hard for me to understand how MS can be pushing Teams so aggressively, making it look as through it is really, really motivated to compete with Zoom, while at the same time neglecting to improve the most crucial aspects of their product that make it inferior to the competition. Just prettifying Teams and packing it full of marginally useful features won't work -- it needs a deep rethink/rewrite and a major investment in proper video streaming infrastructure. If anyone has the money to do it and trash the competition, it's Microsoft. Why is it still limping two years out of the gate? And I think the Teams' Monthly Active Users number (270 million) is misleading. At the university where I work and where Teams is free to the employees and the students, there are a lot of people who use it only when they are forced to do so by the organization for official meetings, but those same people pay for a Zoom Pro account out of their own pocket for actually teaching classes, as Teams is totally useless for that.