recording / preventing downloading recording in Teams

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How can I prevent students from downloading and sharing a lecture recorded in MS Stream? Letting them watch within a certain period is fine, but privacy and intellectual property issues are at stake if MS allows recordings to be downloaded and who knows what.

Your help would be much appreciated.

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You can always revoke access to the recording from within Stream.

@Vasil MichevThanks, Vasil. But before that of course students can still download the recording. Our university explicitly forbids students to download and distribute recordings without prior permission by the lecturer, but there is no control over this.

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There will be soon, as Microsoft is moving to storing recordings within ODFB/SPO. You can already enable this, but the option to block downloads is still down the road...

Teams channel recordings are stored in Teams SPO Site Doc library:
Doc Library > General > Recordings
If you "stop inheritance permissions" on Recording folder then change the "Members" permission level to "Restricted View" from "edit" (by default) then it should work.
students here must be added as members of the Teams channel which I guess would be the normal case.