Recording meeting doesn't work with animations

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I recently discovered utilizing animations and presenting PowerPoint live mode is not capturing the animations.  In other words, each slide is being recorded as if there is no animations applied.  This is not good since we want to phase in the content from the slide.  

Update/clarification - turns out the recording of the meeting, if using any other format - Presenter Modes for example, does capture the animations on the slides.  It is only when attempting to record the meeting while the Presenter has selected PowerPoint live is when the animations are not captured in the recorded file - participants within the meeting are able to see the animations as they occur - but recorded viewers will not.  Just wanted to share the "work around".  Thanks!



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I discovered this too. Can anyone find a bug reference or ETA on a fix? It's annoying!

@David_Goddard it is a documented limitation of PowerPoint live, well known by Microsoft. See ...


Share slides in a Teams meeting with PowerPoint Live - Microsoft Support


I imagine fixing it is harder than it may seem, many web based services (e.g. including Whiteboard) aren't recorded either, perhaps needs a significant overhaul of how recordings are created. I would suggest add you votes to the Feedback portal to explain to Microsoft the priority around this


Webinar Recording - PowerPoint Live · Community (

@StevenC365 I was very disappointed to learn that Microsoft has continued to let this major flaw remain. Instead of embracing teams more, I'm looking for other, non-Microsoft options.

@Jennifer Brown If you share a screen with PPT on it then animation etc will be recorded, this lack of feature is specific to PowerPoint live, where the presentation is within Teams.


I've not heard of any other product with a feature like PowerPoint Live.


I have discovered a similar issue with the animations not appearing to the audience when using PP Live Mode - so all participants saw when I *clicked* to move on an animation was a white screen. Participants were able to click on the screen themselves to move on animations but this made for a very clunky presentation! This issue occurred without any recording of the presentation on Teams - just using Live Mode.


Frustrating, as I spent ages ensuring the animations flowed ok.:facepalm: I could have switched to screen share as it worked that way, but then I lost all of my notes. 


Has anyone experienced this and found a workaround - is this a known bug?