Recording Button Disappears in Teams during Meeting

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Hi, I am using Teams to teach college classes this Fall. I need to be able to record the lectures. Yesterday, everything worked fine. Today, the recording option disappeared on me all together and then when I closed Teams completely and reopened it was there.


However, Teams has been sluggish today. Even when I could click Record it sometimes never started today.

Please help!

Is this a issue with the servers or a program issue, bandwith, or what? Thanks!

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Thank you. To be clear, this is happening on Windows 10.
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@MatthewLawsonwsedu - I've battled this with our Executive Assistant (who organizes and is responsible for recording more meetings than anyone else in our org).  In our case, I remoted into her computer and discovered she had Teams zoomed to 170% (Windows client, up to date).  As soon as I reset the zoom to 100%, the content of the ellipsis menu (including "Start recording") rendered as expected.  Still testing this out, but it explains why clearing the cache would resolve the issue for a bit, then the issue would recur (after she zoomed in because she was indicating she was having a hard time reading the unzoomed content).

I've been having the same trouble on and off and not being able to work out why the button to record is sometimes there, sometimes not. I just opened a meeting, no record button. Zoomed out a bit and BINGO the button was back. Simple solution to the problem. Thank you.