Recording & Transcript - Broken through leaving meeting instead of stopping either.

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Hi All,

 Just wanted to gauge anyone's experience in turning on video recording or transcription recording and then leaving the meeting before either options have been turned off - does it result in the transcription or video being lost?

 I've had experience of a video being lost, but also suspect a recent issue reported to me is the same for the transcription. Has anyone had this happen before? Do you have to stop either option for the data to be saved/recorded before leaving the meeting?



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Hello, the recording continues even if the person who started the recording has left the meeting and the recording stops automatically once everyone leaves the meeting. If someone forgets to leave the meeting the recording automatically ends after four hours. Depending on the meeting roles others can also start/stop a recording.

Thanks Christian - unfortunately that is not my experience in practice. Both the video and transcription were lost on leaving the meeting and were never recoverable.
You should have opened up a support ticket with Microsoft. If you're not an admin yourself that person can assist with that.
Yep - I will next time, but wanted to see if anyone else had had the same issue.