Recording a Single Participant Meeting via Teams

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Up until yesterday, our team has been able to create a generic meeting with only one participant and use that meeting to do screen recordings/demos/reproduction steps for bugs. We would jump into a meeting with one participant, turn on recording & screen sharing and when complete the video would load to Stream without any issues.


Now when we do this, the record feature is disabled until a 2nd participant joins the meeting. 


Is there anyway around this? Admin setting to enable? 

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Hmm, how about in a meet now in a channel?

Looks to be still working for me. What version of the client are you on?

Best, Chris

I have the same experience in a meet now scenario... Recording is blocked until a 2nd participant joins.

Microsoft Teams Version (64-bit). It was last updated on 3/4/20.


I have raised directly to the Microsoft Team as a bug as the issue seems to be with and since that update. Can do it with I would recommend that you open this as a ticket with Microsoft Support. I'll post back if I receive any news otherwise I hope that the functionality returns as soon as possible

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard - Just figured out that recording is broken even when many people are in a meeting. I cannot record at all anymore.

Ok thanks for letting me know, the raise references this string so they will look into it.

Best, Chris


Hi guys! there is some solution for this? I would want record a meeting to test some workshop presentations but the record button is not allowed until at least two person joins to meeting.