Recording a meeting to local storage

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Does anybody know of a way to record a Teams meeting to local hard drive as opposed to Cloud Recording?

We've done some Cloud recordings and they've mostly worked fine and uploaded to Stream, however we've had a couple of recordings that have failed (specifically meetings longer than 1 & 1/2 hours) when it was in the process of saving to Microsoft Stream and therefore we have lost the recording.


It would be good in the future if there is an option to saved the recording locally and then have the option to upload to stream.



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Hello Shanuj!


Unfortunately, no, this is currently not an option. Cloud Recording in Teams will only record to Stream. You can download a copy of the recording from Stream after the fact, but I understand that that does not really address the problem you are running into. I would suggest adding that as a suggestion on the uservoice site. 




Josh Blalock