Recording a call that has not been scheduled

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When i schedule a call I set the meeting options to record the call, and indeed for a scheduled call you can simply click to record if you haven't set it prior.


However, when i do an ad-hoc call there is no option to record that call.


I'm not sure if i am missing something, or if this is an option locked down.


Advice appreciated.



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@Chris_X I would do it a bit different you have to use a workaround at this time Attached a gif how it could work


Thanks Paul - i will certainly use this workaround in certain situations!

How about in situations where someone has called me and therefore im unable to record it (or i have started the call without using the workaround)....? any thoughts?

Thanks Paul - that is a  great suggestion for an ad-hoc meeting you are just about to make!


I meant one where it is in-flight e.g. where someone has called me...


I will no doubt use your work around, but any ideas on the above scenario also?

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Hi Chris,

Unfortunately I do not but I would definitely invite you to give feedback to the team i found a item which is almost the same as your request maybe you can upvote it.
Thanks again Paul.
I have now upvoted that thread; however this is slightly different to mine and actually i think what that poster has asked for is possible already.

I have added mine and invite you to upvote!

Many thanks!