Recorded a 4+ hour meeting, the recording split into two but only the second half is showing up

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I just had a 6 hour Teams call and initiated a recording. Afterwards, the recording became available, but only the second half (after the 4 hour point). The first four hours are nowhere to be found.


This happened the previous day as well, but the first part of the recording (the first four hours) showed up randomly in the chat thread and I was able to download it. But it's gone again and only the second part is left. My recordings are failing to upload to the stream, so I have no where else to find them except for the meeting chat thread. Anyone experienced this and can help?




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Have you been able to record and save to Stream before? Just so that all settings and licenses are correct?


 If yes, I suggest that you report this to Microsoft Support.

@Linus Cansby Yes I have the right licenses (Office 365 E3) and can save to stream otherwise.

This is an ongoing issue...I’ve raised it with the Teams team

@adam deltinger There is no reported service incident. Did MS Team give you a time frame for the fix? My recordings split and can take up to four hours to save. Thanks

I’m still waiting feedback for this but they are aware! Ping me in a day or so

@adam deltinger  Good day, Please is there any update on this issue. Thanks