Record all solution for team members

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Dear All, 


I am looking for an MS Teams tab where group members can record a problem and its solution regarding IT system administrations (could be anything else)


Thank you.

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Hi @elnurtaghiyev  Are you referring to a way for your own IT department to see issues or to report a problem to Microsoft?  The help circle at the bottom left of the desktop app is the way to report to MSFT; otherwise you might want to set up a specific "report a problem" channel.


Hi @TSolimeno 


We sometimes as a team resolve some technical issues and want to store the solution somewhere so the other members can see it for future reference.


@elnurtaghiyev Sounds like you're looking for a Knowledge Base or Knowledge Management solution within Teams. There's nothing native that will achieve this to the same degree as dedicated solutions as the Wiki functionality to too poor, so perhaps look for application integration with an existing Knowledge Base solution; Best Knowledge Management Integrations with Microsoft Teams 2022 | GetApp


Alternately you could perhaps build something out in SharePoint and surface that in Teams; How to build an awesome Knowledge Base Wiki in SharePoint Online using modern pages | SharePoint Mav...


Starters for 10 as it's not something I've spent a great deal of time looking into.

@elnurtaghiyev  One suggestion is to create a OneNote document that you store in one of the channels on your organization team - each sheet in the One Note can cover the problem/solution.  Lots of resources and videos online on how to do this, including this one: Add a OneNote notebook to Teams (