Recommended Microsoft application to act as solutions bank?

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I am currently using Tasks by Planner addon to my Team site to serve as a solutions bank.  Baskets are organized by common tasks and processes.  Under each, we have problem cards.  Each card has a description of the issue/causes.  As we discover solutions to the problem, we add them as checklist items, attach pictures, tip sheets or other documents.  


The application is ok, but I know I am going outside the intent of the planner tool, so I sometimes have issues.  People complete the task, which hides it.  They assign or put due dates on them.  They may accidentally move them into the incorrect basket.  Is there a better Microsoft application that would meet my purpose?



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@lean_steve my guess is that you may like the new Board View in Microsoft Lists. You'll get the came columns and cards type experience as Planner, including dragging between columns, but can create your own column types rather than the fixed schema of Planner.


A good demo it is here :gear: How to set up and use the Board View in Microsoft Lists - Microsoft Tech Community