Recent mobile client has taken a step backwards

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Ever since the latest UI tweaked iOS version of Teams has been released, the mobile app is driving me crazy. It used to be glorious but now, every time you do something you have to click back, back, back to do anything.


The app now takes up the entire screen when replying to chats / channel chats, which removes your ability to quickly jump over to your activity feed / chat tab etc., and now required double clicking your home button to make the left corner reachable to go back multiple times from one chat to another. Being able to just respond to a Team chat, then notice a chat came in on the tab and quickly acting on it worked much better previously.  


 Also I've noticed you can no longer click on pasted images to zoom on them. 


I'm probably going to add a uservoice for this, but wanted to start a discussion around it. Anyone else sharing the same frustrations with the mobile UI updates recently? I can't be the only one, and even Microsoft has to notice this, but anyway, someone has to say something right? :p

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Sorry to hear the mobile app is not functioning correct as it should be.

Did you report a problem from the settings menu?

What kind of iPhone/version of iOS are you using?
Did you try to delete and reinstall the app from the AppStore?
It's functioning as it should be, the problem is the design updates :P.

The photo issue must have been fixed with the latest bug release, but the usability of the tabs going away when responding to messages is the biggest issue here.