Receiving external teams meeting requests in plain text

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I'm receiving team meeting requests in plain text and it doesn't have the hyperlinks to join, my colleagues are receiving the exact same meeting requests will the link as expected.
The strange thing is this is not all meeting requests, receive the majority correctly. Any help will be appreciated.

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@MattWoodhouse Sounds like something in your email system or email client. Is that Exchange Online/Outlook ? Are they plain text also in the Teams calendar?

@Steven Collier  they show as HTML in the appointment/meeting



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@MattWoodhouse I'm not sure that's at all what I asked. What email service are you using? It's evident that must be where the email is being modified to be 'plain text'.

Hi @Steven Collier , sorry I miss read your email, They show as plain text in the team calendar, and yes it's using Exchange online with Outlook

@MattWoodhouse How does it look in Outlook calendar? I assume the same?


Does your email flow through any other security tools before Exchange Online that could be modifying the message. If not maybe start working through a message trace in Exchange to see what the message looks like as it's received.