Received messages appearing above user's last sent message in chat

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I have an interesting issue, which I couldn't resolve with all of the internet sleuthing within my capacity.

I have a user on Windows 10 who is using Teams whose last sent messages stay at the bottom of the chat, even if a new message is received.  This behavior is corrected for the currently stuck message in the affected chat when a different chat is clicked on and then the affected chat is returned to. This behavior persists both in the web browser and the desktop app versions of Teams.

We've tried to reinstall the application, clear our the %appdata% and %programdata% folders as well as the registry.   Changing the system's time manually as well as syncing to or our company's own time server don't help with this behavior.


Has anyone else encountered this issue and/or found a solution to it?

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@JTanLM Hello, this is a bug confirmed by the Teams product group. You can see an official reply from @Jason_Schumacher in this conversation Re: Responses in MS Teams chat appear in random place - Microsoft Tech Community