Receipt of teams notifications after quitting

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Hey guys,


a customer of us has a strange problems with teams notifications. Some users leave or switch teams, but they still receive email notifications about the different actions in the former team.

We tried for some of them to rejoin the former team and turn off the notifications proactively and leave the team afterwards. Unfortunately with no change.

How can we solve this behavior?


Thanks in advance.

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Hi @woelki

I would recommend two courses of action

1.) If they don't need email notification at all they can go into the notification settings and turn email notifications off. I have this since I have enough email, I regular review teams and if it's that urgent or they need to get hold of me then somebody will mention me or tag me

2.) Raise a ticket to Microsoft to get them to investigate. The expected behavior should be if they have left a team and turned off notifications they ought to stop.

Hope that helps to answer your question

Best, Chris