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We have switched over from Skype to Messenger.  I am happy with Teams overall, but one item could be improved.  The messenger takes up too much space.  1. I wish it could be scaled down further 2. I wish contacts and messages could show simultaneously  3. I thought the look of Skype was cleaner for messaging.  Would like to see an improvement in the UI.  Does anyone have any thoughts about this?

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Hi Mark,
On point 2 try and maximize the window. That should let you see the chats you have as well as the convo it self.
You will see so many issues with teams and sadly Microsoft do not seem to be very dedicated to the whole teams experience.
Thank you so much. That would do it except I need to have the smallest footprint possible on my screen. Teams already takes up too much territory when I leave it in chat mode, which is default for me. Teams has improved their video conferencing (quality of video/audio), for which I am grateful. So they are working on some things. Just please let us scale down the chat even more, and (dare I say this) be more Skype like JUST for the chat experience. UI