Real automatic recording of meetings

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I'm wondering if anyone knows if M$ plans to add some truly automatic recording of meetings in Teams.  Right now you have to create the meeting, click on the options and you can set *that* particular meeting (or series) to automatically record.   A truly automatic recording of meetings would be a user setting that I could turn on so that every meeting I create is automatically recorded.  Anyone know why they don't have a setting like that and/or if they plan on adding one?  

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No, what you're describing is the current end-user experience. Some organizations have legal requirements to record everything, such as meetings and calls, and for that there are policy-based recording solutions called "Compliance recording" where Microsoft has a list of certified partners.

@ChristianJBergstrom No, what I'm describing as "automatic" is what I want, not what I see as the current end user experience.  The current end user experience is the cludgy, around-your-butt-to-get-to-your-elbow way of using the Meeting Options link to add "automatic" recording to a single meeting or series of meetings.  It's certainly better than trying to remember to record the meeting every time but it is certainly not truly automatic. 


What would be truly automatic is the compliance recording you speak of. But instead of that being only for the select few it should be something available as a user setting for eveyrone.

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I was referring to your manual steps when I said "current end-user experience", and not the requested feature in your post. This is the way it works in Teams, the auto record option wasn't added to long ago either. If you want to request a feature you should head over to the feedback portal
Ahhh... ok. Sorry for the misread. And thanks for the link. I'll definitely go make the request.