Reaction's notification in the activity feed

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We should not have to go to the activity feed to read the notification of a reaction we read in a conversation in the chat section. It feels like it has to be read twice to remove the notification of that reaction (in the chat section and the activity feed).

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@maxyvon1 This annoying useless notifications can be disabled. select the three dots menu (...) at the upper right corner of your Teams desktop client > Settings > Notifications > Chat (Edit) > Likes and reactions > set it to off > back to settings and you're done :)

Totally agree. And it's not that "it feels like" you have to read the reaction twice to remove the notification, you DO have to read it twice. This is silly. Once acked in the chat, the notify flag should be removed from the Activity feed, and vice versa.

@AwsAyad I don't consider a reaction notification useless. I want the notification to be acknowledged as read once I read the message. Even if I had to click on the message that would be fine. Having to go to the activity tab is what I find wasteful.

Wouldn't it be nice if one of the developers/product managers that works on teams actually bothered to take the time to look at these forums and make a comment occasionally. it is not as if they bother to read their own feedback forums either.

there are about 6 duplicate requests for this in the feedback forum, but no-one from microsoft can be bothered read them & merge those together.

@technonath, your timing is impeccable. Within days of your reply, I saw the issue has been addressed in Teams! I give you full credit. :xd:

Agree! This wastes so much of my time when you add it up over the course of the year.