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firstly, let me thank You for adding such a promising collaboration tool to Your Microsoft space. 

But I do have several questions:

1. I see everywhere that You should be able to link new Team to existing group within Teams. That is probably vital to this product, but I cannot see the way how to do that. I even saw a screen when someone created new team and he has this option underneath the form "Add Microsoft Team to an existing Office 365 Group". But wherever I looked (desktop app, mobile app, web app), I don(t see that option. I should note that I am administrator in our SharePoint collection and I am wner of several teams. 

2. Is it possible that like Planner, Outlook, SharePoint etc. Teams should be available from the left top corner menu in browser? I have turned the teams on within Sharepoint Admin settings, but I can't see the icon - I have to access the app only via link

3. Also there shoul be a way to add MS Apps to favourite in the Teams, but also, I wasn't able to find any option how to do that


Thank You for help ;)

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