Re-Notify recipient of unread message

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I have noticed that sometimes recipients of chat messages do not show as having "Read" the message. I'm guessing that in most cases it's because they missed the pop-up notification.


Is there a way to get Teams to re-notify the recipient of a missed message?  Something that I (as the sender) can trigger.  


And maybe the opposite too, like a setting that re-notifies me if I don't miss a message after X minutes or hours.


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Hello, the recipient always have their "unread" notifications, so they might have turned banners off but still get notified. I think the closest you get is this approach
Thank you Christian. "Urgent" may be as close as possible to what I'm looking for. Unfortunately, in most cases, I don't usually want to re-notify of a message unless it goes unread for a significant amount of time.
I was just hoping that there was a re-notify option available that I was simply missing. I think I'll send a suggestion.
You can always @mention someone to get their attention.

Highly needed feature! With my iPhone, I can be alerted x times for unread text messages.