Re: How to display the list of team/channel members and their status - as a permanent column view

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@Greg_the_IT_guy Here is a good example of a problem with Teams. By default all guests have to be admitted to scheduled meetings by a participant. I want to change it so that guests can just join without having to be admitted. I look over the Teams Admin Settings, find the Meeting Policy, and find the settings for guest access. I change it to allowing guests to join by default. It still doesn't work. Microsoft Support wants me to run a bunch of PowerShell commands. Like, why do we have to jump through all these hoops just to change this one setting? Why can't crap just work? If the setting in the Teams Admin Center doesn't work, that is a bug. I shouldn't have to run PowerShell commands!!


I spend so much time with crap like this, every single day, and it adds up to costing sooo much time and money on the admin side of things. Good grief....

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