Random sudden noise and broken audio for ten seconds

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During team chatting, very loud noise and  broken audio randomly happen for around 10~20 seconds.

During the meeting with many people, usually okay but when chatting with a few people, this happen.

It never happen from other apps, or other situation, only happen at Team video chattings.

I'm using Razor wireless headphone, and it also happen when I tried to with wired.

anyone had this issue?

This issue tear my ears.

(this never happen when I play video games, or discord, whatever other apps)


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Yup happens with every call from multiple machines and device types. Event from Meeting Room Device meetings it'll start out much louder with the audio coming in. I think it's the built in volume adjustment etc. algorithm trying to adjust the volume. It usually only about 5 seconds thou for me.

@Chris Webb Have u guys found any solutions for that??  I'm now facing the issue while using teams.... I didn't have any problem like this while I was using Zoom.....