Random number on SPO site attached to private channel

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I created a private channel called 'Finance' back in October 2020 and deleted it in Oct itself. I think I excluded the site '/sites/lg-finance' (lg is the Team name) in retention policy and deleted it as well. We never deleted the team if that helps to know.


We were in the process of setting up a new architecture and was testing with different ways of setting up Teams and SP and Doc Lib. So, many teams and private channels were created and deleted, but I couldn't delete the private channel's sites even after excluding it in retention policy for some reason, Error: included in ediscovery hold or retention policy'. this started to happen by 1st week of Nov and we had way too many orphaned sites. But I was able to delete the site thats gets created with the team. Maybe it is working as per design. 


After 2 months with MS support, they said they will disable orphaned hold on the account and now I'm able to delete the orphaned site. 



The 'Finance' private channel we deleted back in oct, we need it back, so I recreated the channel but the site is getting a random number for every try. Never see it before as it was always in increments (I think). but '/sites/lg-finance' doesnt exist for the last 3 months and i believe it should be available already but unable to get the channel to create a site without random number at the end like '/sites/lg-finance79' '/sites/lg-finance97' etc


I ran a powershell script to pull out all the site including modern team and group site and lg-finance doesnt exist.


any suggestions and help?

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Seems to me to be some backend remains lingering! I think your best bet is to create another ticket with Microsoft about this!

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this is resolved by running remove-spodeletedsite powershell command.