"this file already exists" when uploading and sharing powerpoint

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I've been testing attaching PPT slide decks to Teams meeting invites as well as pre-uploading them to Teams meetings (similar to Skype).  I found that this is pretty flaky right now.  I frequently see a message that "A file with this name already exists in this folder" with an option to cancel, keep both or replace.  It looks like these may be getting stored in a cache in OneDrive that's persistent across meetings.  I've also found that uploading slide decks sometimes fails (on multiple PCs / network connections). 


Has anyone else been testing this out and see the same results?

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I'm seeing this as well, and it's 2021. I'm sharing the same file with two different people privately in separate chats, but it is telling me that "A file with this name already exists in this folder". WHAT FOLDER? It's literally the same file, and I can't find it in my OneDrive.

This problem still exists. If you want to share a file with two different people, you have to rename it.  Whats more worrying is that if you share a file privately with person X, this message implies that others can see it too.

@nutmix I don't think you actually have to rename it. I just tested "Replace" and it worked fine, and AFAIK it didn't affect the previous person I shared the file with. This is probably just a minor bug in Teams (I assume because it doesn't realize you're trying to re-share the same file you have previously uploaded).

It's almost 2022, and the issue still exists. It's so annoying.
If you have previously shared a file and want to share it in a different chat, Click on Files then click Share (top left), select One Drive > Microsoft Teams Chat Files, then click the Share button at the bottom right.

When you share a file it gets saved to OneDrive\Microsoft Teams Chat Files. When you try to share it again it's technically replacing that file on OneDrive, which is why you get the prompt. If you know the file has been shared in the past, then the steps above allow you to share it again without the hassle.