"There was a problem saving the photo. Please try again."

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Every time someone tries to change the image of the team we get this error, "There was a problem saving the photo. Please try again." We try and try and try and try and try and try again with NADA. I have asked for help, but get nothing. So does anyone else have this issue or just us? A solution? 

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It was working just for about one month and the problem exists again now. I do not know how it was solved and how it happened again. Now, users cannot update their profile photo as well as the pictures of the teams. I asked the Microsoft support about this problem but he did not have any idea what could cause this problem.

This is just silly. Why is this still an issue almost 2 years later?




I still can't believe this! Still unable to save my profile picture!


Come on @Pernille-Eskebo 

I'm facing the same problem.


THE FINAL ANSWER: This is what finally worked for me!  Change the picture in the MicrosoftOffice 365 top level page. @Samqvist_ 


I cannot update my picture on office 365 page either.

I am still facing an issue even if I tried everything from here. 

This is what I get when trying to update from the web version: 


How can I fix this?  It is so annoying! 


Have you tried to upload the picture using Outlook Web App?

No me deja cargas foto de perfil

@Petri X 


Yes, I did try everything.  It seems my user does not have permission ( from my company) to change that photo.  In the end, this is an INCONSISTENT ERROR MESSAGE. 


I would not have tried all kinds of "magical" solutions for a software ( which is written using LOGICAL algorithms) if this scenario was tested and probably PROPOSED by product. 


Thanks, I know it is not your fault

Hello @LyonSsS @Petri X and all - I would encourage everyone on this thread to go to the Uservoice item and vote for this fix:


And you have tested with the latest Teams client (


Do you have this problem with just created Teams or only old Teams? Do you already have a picture there which you are trying to change, or without picture?

@P_Moore Me too. Instead, I need help with changing my profile picture because it said "There was a problem saving the photo. Please try again." but I tried and tried and well...... didn't work so I'm left with my initials. 

What was your solution? I'm experiencing this.
I have the same problem. I do not know what to do.

@rmoreasAnyone can help with? 


Same problem a year later @P_Moore 

Any chance of fixing this consistent issue, um... @microsoft ??

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@OrlaJoan Hi, wow this conversation is massive. I wonder if all are having identical issues with the photo. Must be that similar has been merged into this one.


Anyway, for the record. Something that can affect is the following.


"Teams users with mailboxes hosted on premises must be synchronized to Azure Active Directory. They can change the user profile picture providing Exchange Server 2016 (Cumulative Update 3), or above, is running on-premises."


'Change your picture in Teams'


See the table with "User's mailbox is hosted in" and the "Modify user profile picture" to see if you should be able to do it.


'How Exchange and Microsoft Teams interact' 


Note the 7 disclaimer as well.


"Teams honors the Outlook on the web mailbox policy setting that's configured by tenant admins to control whether users can change their profile picture. If the -SetPhotoEnabled setting is turned off in the policy, users cannot add, change, or remove their profile picture."

This keeps happening to me but Idk why! whenever I try to  upload a pic onto microsoft teams it glitches and says there was an error pleast try again its like there trying to scam us!:unamused_face:>:(:pouting_face:@P_Moore 

Farhad Mazlumi how was the problem solved?