"There was a problem saving the photo. Please try again."

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Every time someone tries to change the image of the team we get this error, "There was a problem saving the photo. Please try again." We try and try and try and try and try and try again with NADA. I have asked for help, but get nothing. So does anyone else have this issue or just us? A solution? 

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Exact same problem, tried everything. 256x356, png, from online browser and desktop app, 100x100, srgb, nada.
I have the same problem. Whether it's a smartphone app (iOS), computer app (macOS, Windows 10) or web (Chrome macOS & Microsoft 10). Different sizes or formats didn't help either.

I've tried resizing, different formats, etc.  It is broken.  I suspect Microsoft is well aware and *might* fix it one day.  @P_Moore 

It is hard to believe something from Microsoft can have such a basic function issue, and it has been more than half year since the author posted the first post in this thread. Perhaps we should complain with 3 star rating in App Store and Play Store. I suspect they don't even look at this thread.

Same here. Not to mention that for the first 24 hours, Microsoft Teams couldn't even connect to another cloud storage service, or allow any uploads.


My image already is on Office 365, but Teams does no such update. Neither any kind of formatting works. It's a hit and miss all around, which is a real pity, to be honest. Right now I'm going through an evaluation of Teams for a large scale upcoming project, but regardless of how cool features MS Teams has, they mean nothing without reliability.


Speaking of reliability, last night Outlook decided to stop working with servers (all accounts), taking our 3 hours of my time to fix it. Even its own "repair tool" hanged in the middle and ravaged the entire Office installation. I had to download an extra tool to clean up the epic mess and be able to reinstall Office 365 from scratch.


Do I really want something similar happening while running critical projects?


Pull your stuff together MS! I'm no stranger to other OS and systems and I've migrated entire studios in the past.

I know the problem why it keep error. We have to use school/work email (not gmail,yahoo,etc). I've tried and has been successful change the picture and over and over again. Use : yourname@yourschool/ or your office work guys.

@aulizari This is not a generic solution and won't work for people who are not using school/work accounts. But also for my business account, where I am logged in with my work mail, this does not solve the problem.

I am not certain if this will work for everyone.


I inspected the web traffic from the teams web client and noticed it was throwing the following error: ProfilePictureUpdateForbidden


I believe my problem stemmed from having our exchange server on-premises. I had to update my profile picture by going here: This allowed me to upload my profile picture. I am still waiting for my picture to sync over from exchange, will let everybody know how it goes.

We seem to be headed backwards.  I've been using teams for months with a profile pic that was uploaded via delve.  This morning - poof - gone.  Different images, sizes, formats, even a single webcolor compliant tile won't work.  I can change them all on delve, but Teams desktop and online errors.  I guess I'll wait and see if it makes it from Delve to Teams by itself, but somehow I doubt it.  For what it's worth we too use on prem exchange servers for managing our webmail - 2016.   


From what I have read, if you're not using Exchange Online or updated to a certain version of OnPrem it wont work. We are on 2013 OnPrem only and it does not work.

Same problem in my organization.

I opened a ticket at Microsoft from the Office365 admin interface.


My config : Exchange 2016 On prime + Office365 business with Azure Ad connect.


Teams mode : Teams Only.


I have the old Skype for business on prime online for this moment...


Your trial pic "100 x" didnt work for me

My new profile picture now shows up in Teams, so this worked for me.

@P_Moore   I tried uploading a photo as a jpg, png, gif, tried resizing the png to 100x100 pixels.  Tried uploading to Teams app, and Teams online.  What finally worked was uploading (the 100x100 png) to my profile in Sharepoint online.

Similarly, profile photo can't be changed. It is centrally managed by the organisation?
Try the link I provided above or SharePoint online like @Laura_Marthaler did above. Essentially one of the other online integrated MSFT tools.

@P_Moore resizing to 256x256 worked for me.

@Farhad Mazlumi 

How was the problem solved?


I have been able to load my photo, but no one except me can see the photo. How can I resolve this issue?