"stopped sharing the channel with the team" in General

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In the General channel of a team I've received multiple messages like this.


Anyone knows why and what it means?


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I've also had this error message reported - appeared today.
Same happened here, also some voice enabled channel disappeared and I was not able to create new ones with the old name because they "already existed".
A member of the Team deleted the channel in an attempt to leave a hotline, that generated the message.

 I've also had this message appear on a channel today, very confusing. @Jonasj105 

@Jonasj105 it happened when i deleted a different group page that wasn't being used. I ended up having to make everyone an owner and it worked again.

Any updates on this error? I have a user who has also received this banner but they are unsure what has prompted it?
it should display which channel is stopped
current message will make people confused
Same here. Come on Microsoft, fix this! This is confusing, and is making it appear as if we are hiding content from the rest of our team. You're making us look bad.
It seems this issue is even worse if the UI is in German. We DO see the name of the channel that has been deleted but it's the wrong one and also always the same one. After a few tests I could figure out that it's always the name of the channel that was the first one being created in the team. Regardless of which channel you'll delete later, it will always state the name of that first channel. That's a major bug and very annoying and misleading.