"Share system audio" in a Teams meeting has disappeared


Hi, does anyone know what happened to the "share system audio" button in Teams meetings? It was there last week when I led a meeting, but when I had a meeting today it was gone. I haven't changed my audio settings and have been using the same computer. 


Documentation for this feature:


Seems someone else has the same issue this week:

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@Bynum Hoekstra It looks like the checkbox is removed but the the share audio button is still there.



@Linus Cansby Thank you very much! I can now see that tiny button, too, but wow that's a hard icon to find if you aren't used to looking there. 

Nice, I didn't notice that there either. Now that I know it's easy. Would be a good New release note.

@Bynum Hoekstra 


Thank you for the question and the response. We have an important meeting with a prospect and want to use Teams. The button was gone and now because of this thread, I look like a hero! You are the hero. We do nothing alone.


Thank you so much,



@dvd1711 Thanks! We're lucky to have such a great community around O365 tools. 

@Linus Cansby  oh thank you! We totally couldn't see it either. 

@Linus Cansby  I want to share audio link to my students so they can listen my file, but i cant file icon " include audio on my computer :(" Could you show me, plzUntitled.png



Then you have to download the desktop client and install it on your computer. You are using Teams web app and that version can't share system audio.

@Linus Cansby My colleague and I have noticed that there is a difference in the desktop app for Windows and the desktop app for MacOS Mojave. My screenshot has failed, but he (windows) has the icon in the tool bar and I don't (macOS). 

I am seeing the same thing on the macOS Mojave client. This is the app, not the browser (which never allowed sharing of system audio in any case).

@Paul_McG In our Team where everyone works on a Mac we've got the same problem: there's no button to include system audio. What could be the problem? 
I've looked into system settings (privacy and sharing) but I think that's all configured ok.


The button should be between "Beheer geven" and "Presenteren stoppen", right?




My recollection is that it was a little check box in the window you're sharing, not part of the menu items in your screen shot.


What has happened is that the functionality is no longer there. Reasons are unclear. My suspicion is that it has something to do with Apple's constant security/privacy updates but that's just speculation on my part.

It is not released for Mac yet. In this post Microsoft say they are working on it for Mac as well.
Yeah I just verified with another Mac user they don't have either, thanks for clarification on that.

@Linus Cansby Thanks for your quick reply.


Too bad it's not a priority for them. It has nearly been half a year now. Hope they implement it very soon, for all those teachers on a Mac.

Vote and comment at the uservoice page, it might get some more attention then.

@Linus Cansby , what brought me here to verify that it's not implemented (any more) on macOS was that I got a notice that my user voice vote had been "combined" with an existing user voice item -- one that is "partially fulfilled." That is, fulfilled on Windows but not on macOS.

Well that's a creative way to "solve" things. Better KPI for the team? Not better for Mac users.

I can't find that button

I only can see "presenting...., Give control, stop presenting" 3 buttons in the bar