"Select a teams org" dropdown shows an organization that I don't recognize

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This is a screenshot of what I see when I log in to https://teams.microsoft.com.



There is a "test" organization, but when I click on it, it says that I don't have access to this organization, and I should contact org admin.



But since I don't recognize this org, I don't know who to contact to. Moreover, sometimes I see notification badges poping on my teams app icon, and I suspect that this is from this organization.


Any way to remove this "test" org from the sign in screen?

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@asdfasdfasdfasdf295 This is usually what you need to check when you want to leave an organization.


For work/school account go here to see if you have an org. to leave https://myaccount.microsoft.com/organizations

For personal account go here https://myapps.microsoft.com/ (the link "Manage my organizations" will take you to the right place).

Note: Use InPrivate / Incognito sessions to avoid cached credentials.