"One more step to set up Teams with Office" prompting for admin credentials

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My users keep getting this message then prompted for admin credentials. What is the best way to avoid this? We really don't want to sign on to each users machine. I believe this is related to the "Register Teams as the chat app for Office" setting. See screenshots.


Users get this when starting TeamsUsers get this when starting TeamsPrompted for admin credentialsPrompted for admin credentialsWhen users can't provide admin credentials, they then see this.When users can't provide admin credentials, they then see this.

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It's making registry edits to the machine itself so it's going to require admin creds. Your users can just bypass it as it says by not entering and do it later, but if you want the SIP association to change you're going to need to have that access granted to them for it.
Could these registry changes be pushed out via group policy?

Which version of Office do you have installed, if it's Pro Plus getting the latest updates I believe it should make these changes for you.

These are E3 users on the monthly channel.
What about deploying Office and Teams clients on behalf or your users?
I already do. Office 365 ProPlus is deployed via GPO for all E3 users.

Teams is installed via GPO for both E3 and E1 users.

Only recently, I think with an update to Teams, do users get prompted as shown above.

@Luke Johnson - Did you get the solution to disable this? Please share