"Modern authentication did not work here, but you can still log on. Status code is 2:300".

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Logging into teams, I now get the message (freely translated from Norwegian): "Modern authorization did not work here, but you can still log on. Status code is 2:300."


-I'm using Microsoft Teams app on MacOS

-Multi-factor authentication is turned on

-When I exit the error message, I am able to login to the Teams app

-This app was working fine since last year without any error messages popping out

-I encountered this error message just today

-When I restart the teams app, it does not prompt me for my credentials anymore but I still get the same error message

-I don't use ADFS, my tenant is "in-cloud" only



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Hi Test Tenant! :)

According to this article, "Modern Auth fails in Teams" this is the answer (also when You do not use ADFS) "Active Directory Federation Services prompt=login parameter support".


Hope this helps!


Best regards, Magnus

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